Vendors at RCC Events

Vendors are invited to participate at our Day of Russian Culture in early May, 2017.

Our Annual Bazaar is scheduled for the weekend of November 11-12, 2017, and we welcome vendor participation in our Marketplace.

If you are interested in participating in either event, please complete the contact form.

Russian Unique Imports is a longtime favorite vendor at our annual bazaar, offering enamel and amber jewelry, wooden ornaments, nesting dolls, lacquer ware collectibles, and much more!

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Rustic. Russian. Reusable. These three words encapsulate the themes applied to these fabulous handmade home wares, including tote bags, towels, t-shirts, pillowcases, and candles.

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Looking for a unique holiday ornament or decoration? You can find something for every imaginable occasion!

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If you love exotic, colorful jewels, you will be astounded by Era’s creations using brilliant red garnets, deep green onyx, dazzling tanzanite, tourmaline, and – of course – pearls!

Lina’s unique handmade cards are perfect for special occasions or for that special person!

Please visit the Crafty Sisters at our Day of Russian Culture and at our Annual Bazaar.  For a preview see Crafty Sisters

Experience the Magic of Glass! Beads, figurines, flower-like pins — all hand-made glass tempered in a kiln to ensure they’ll last a lifetime. With limitless inspiration, this artist creates pieces which are absolutely unique!

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Fabulous wearable art – pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, bookmarks and paperweights, faceted gems, chains and cords – you’ll find an amazing assortment of these beauties at our Bazaar Marketplace.

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